The Top Secret Side Of Hairdressing

The Top Secret Side Of Hairdressing 1

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The Soft Skills That Nobody Tells You

I have written this book because for many years hairdressing training has focused almost exclusively on the technical skills of the craft, which is fine except that there are other less visible elements of hairdressing that are just as important but are rarely taught. They are usually left for the individual to acquire on their own. The reason for this is complex; they are not physical skills and have more to do with feelings and thoughts, which makes them more difficult to explain but they are every bit as important as the physical skills of hairdressing. I call these the Top Secret Skills.

I started my career in 1973 which at time of writing gives me 43 years experience of the industry. During my training I was taught first how to shampoo, then blow-dry, then basic cutting – you get the picture, at no time did anyone explain to me (or any of my peers) the importance of how our customers view us and how to present ourselves in such a way that helped us to build our customer base.

There are many other secrets that I have identified over the years and this book will show you what they are and how you can harness this information to fulfil your dream and develop your career. This book will not show you how to do hair; rather it will show the secrets that will help you to become a better hairdresser. 

The information contained will sometimes be reassuring and sometimes it might feel gloomy. It is not meant to de-motivate, rather; it is a series of facts that when in your possession you can more easily see and accept the situations that will doubtless arise.

Each chapter begins with a quotation, these are reinforcements of the content of the chapter and are quite interesting.

Here are the contents page along with the complete chapter 8 The Right Attitude Will Help You Succeed.


1.  Introduction                                                                      

2.  Qualifications                                                                    

3.   You and the Hairdressing Industry                               

4.   Interviews                                      

5.   Target Success Plan for Disappointment                

6.   Working for Nothing Won’t Make Customers


7.   Make Money by Keeping Customers                       

8.   The Right Attitude Will Help You


9.   Time and Punctuality                                                   

10.  The Question                                                               

11. Don’t be a Perfectionist                                               

12. Quality Leads to Success                                           

13. Managing Change                                                      

14. Learn From Those Around You                                

15. Competition                                                                 

16. Pay                                                                                 

17. Creativity                                                                      

18. Complaints                                                                  

19. The Customer Experience                                         

20. Crab Mentality                                                              

21. Something To Think About


“I’m not the greatest actor in the world, but the reason I keep working is that I work hard and show up every day and be easy to work with”.  Scott Eastwood (son of Clint Eastwood)

If people find you easy to deal with they will be attracted to you. If people find you difficult they will draw back from you. You decide which is best for you.    

You attract what you project. If you project energy and a great attitude, and you develop great technical skills, you’ll always have lots of interesting customers and a solid business. If you have a great personality your potential for growth will increase dramatically.

Hairdressers are not unique; they are just the same as anybody else. Some hairdressers think they are special and above the rest of us, they are not, they are no more important than you or I and have no more value in society. They are definitely not as important as their customers. When talking with colleagues some hairdressers call their customers “punters” or something similar, always refer to customers as customers or clients, anything else is disrespectful and if they overhear you they will be offended and will probably not return.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you put some time aside to do something, a customer will walk through the door or the phone will ring with someone wanting a last minute appointment. Forget what you wanted to do and look after the customer with a welcoming smile.

Mistakes are a part of life, we all make them and they are often easily rectified. Start by making a note of all the errors you make, no matter how minor. Now look at what caused the error, it may be distraction, lack of time to complete the task, badly written colour notes. Whatever the reason once you know what caused the problem, you can deal with it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. This is called Error Elimination. Use it so that you can find your own remedies and improve the quality and consistency of your work. Never forget that customers are the most important people in the salon, they give us the money to do all of the things that we want to. Without customers we have nothing. They should always be treated with the utmost respect, remember, they can always go to another salon.